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In 2008 the models SM80J and SM80CT Superior Brooms were introduced. SB Manufacturing, Superior Broom, was founded in 2002 in Wichita, Kansas as a quality manufacturer of commercial self-propelled road construction and maintenance sweepers. A commitment to innovative hydraulic systems, quality, customer service and dealer support, are a few reasons Superior Broom has become an industry leader. Superior Broom manufacturers and assembles the commercial sweeper brooms in Wichita, KS, and then distributes them through exclusive dealerships across the United States and many foreign countries. The front brush and rear steering design has become very popular with contractors and governmental customers, due to their unique design and versatility. The Superior Broom has many features not found on any other side cast sweepers or street sweepers. They include low noise level in the cab, rear leaf spring suspension, and a touch pad control panel for the remote mounted hydraulic manifold. This feature keeps the hydraulic heat and noise outside of the cab. Browse our commercial sweeper specifications as well as available options, replacement parts, and learn about operations training and how to become a dealer of Superior Broom street sweepers.

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