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S B Manufacturing is located in Wichita, Kansas, and was established in 2002 as a quality manufacturer of self-propelled road brooms, construction, maintenance sweepers and commercial street sweepers. A commitment to innovative hydraulic systems, quality, customer service and dealer support, are a few of the reasons Superior Broom is an industry leader. Customer needs and service are the top priorities now and in the future.


Customer and dealer demand encouraged Superior Broom to expand to different sweeper models from our original DT80. In 2008, models SM80J and SM80CT were introduced. The front brush and rear steering design of our sweepers have become very popular with contractors and governmental customers based on the unique design and versatility of our industrial and commercial brooms.


With 180 dealer locations covering 45 states in the United States and several foreign countries, Superior Broom is positioned to supply repair parts and customer service at the highest level for our end users.


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